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September Mourning.

September Mourning is the creation of a universe. It is not a band, it is a story… a fantasy with a musical element intertwined within its world. The story follows a girl named September with a split soul. Able to walk in the world of the living and the world of the dead, September has the ability to harness Death and use it to change the fate of others.

Created by M Lazar and Marc Silvestri/ Top Cow Comics, the project was previewed on stages with the legendary Marilyn Manson, only months after its inception. Performances with The Birthday Massacre, I Am Ghost, Hanzel Und Gretyl, and Dommin followed as well as radio play across the country. This year at Comic Con in San Diego, SM announced a partnership with MTV that will further the development of the character and the world in which she dwells. In the overpopulated music scene of today, September Mourning stands alone in its originality. Come, join the world of September and the Children of Fate. (Bio from the band’s facebook page)

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