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The Saturdays have revealed the artwork and track listing for their new album.

Living For the Weekend will be released on October 14 and serves as the group’s fourth full studio album. The artwork appears above.

The collection includes their number one single ‘What About Us’ with Sean Paul as well as ‘Gentlemen’, ‘30 Days’ and new single ‘Disco Love’.

Discussing the LP with Digital Spy, Vanessa White said: “We’ve got a good mix. I’m really excited about it because we’ve got to work with some cool people.

"I like to think there’s something on there for everyone. There’s a nice few ballads on there as well."

Living For The Weekend follows 2011’s On Your Radar, which peaked at number 23 on the charts.

The Living For The Weekend tracklist appears below:

1. What About Us (feat. Sean Paul)
2. Disco Love
3. Gentlemen
4. Leave A Light On
5. Not Giving Up
6. Lease My Love
7. 30 Days
8. Anywhere With You
9. Problem With Love
10. You Don’t Have The Right
11. Don’t Let Me Dance Alone
12. Somebody Else’s Life

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