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Astarte vocalist Tristessa is fighting for her life against leukaemia, her husband has revealed.

The Greek metal frontwoman, real named Maria Kolokouri, is critically ill in hospital with her family by her side.

Spouse Nicolas Maiis reports: “Our beloved Maria is fighting minute by minute for her life. We are trying to keep her strong.

"The people who know Maria know what a strong person she is. She is a unique human being and always kind to everyone. She is always at her son’s side and always standing strong for me."

He asks fans: “Make a true wish deep down in your hearts, so Maria can feel all the good energy and take courage.

"The doctor said a miracle is needed. Please pray for one. Maria needs all the hope of our hearts. I need that, our son needs that."

Malis has appealed for anyone based in Athens with blood type O-negative to attend Alexandra Hospital as soon as possible and give blood.

Astarte had recently begun work on their sixth album, Blackdemonium, before Tristessa fell ill.


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