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APRIL 25TH, 2014.*

When Brody first mentioned new music on Twitter and Instagram two years I got super excited. And now here we are at last when tomorrow she releases her debut solo album Diploid Love. Every single song I have heard on the album is brilliant and I can’t wait to own a physical copy. Never did I dream though that I would get to see her live. I sadly could not afford to go the the one off gig she did at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen in London at the beginning of the year and was gutted that I might not get a second chance.. As soon as she announced the tour I made sure I got some tickets! So, so glad that I did! I only really got into The Distillers by the time Coral Fang came out and I did see them play at Leeds Fest one year, however I don’t remember much of it. So I’m glad I got a second chance to see Brody completely kill it, which she totally did.

I arrived a little late to the gig but managed to catch the end of support band The Beaches, a Canadian all-female band which were absolutely amazing. They had a great energy and were generally just brilliant musicians, really enjoyed it and wish I had got there earlier!

Then onto the usual waiting around you have to unfortunately do at gigs but it was definitely worth it. Brody came on around 9.30pm looking so effortlessly cool it hurt. First song was ‘Rat Race’ from Diploid Love followed by ‘Don’t Mess With Me’ also from the same album and probably my favourite track. And you definitely wouldn’t mess with Brody! She’s older and wiser and a mother now and she seems so sweet and down to earth but she still has that, ‘don’t fuck with me’ attitude though which is so inspiring to me and I wish was half as cool. Definitely a brilliant role model.

I don’t remember the order of the setlist from here on in but Brody and her band played plenty of brilliant songs old and new that the crowd loved. I remember them running through ‘Seneca Falls’, ‘I Am a Revanant’, ‘Sing Sing Death House’ and ‘Bullet and the Bullseye’ from Sing Sing Death House which was pretty brutal (in a good way!), they got a good mosh pit going in the front. ‘Die On A Rope’, ‘Dismantle Me’ and ‘Coral Fang’ from the album Coral Fang were also performed and a personal highlight for me was ‘Ghetto Love’ from Spinerette when Brody put down her guitar and took the mic and danced around the stage oozing so much sex appeal, it was awesome! ‘Meet The Foetus/Oh The Joy’ was also a highlight. Even though it’s a relatively new song, the crowd knew it and where singing the words back at Brody. Must be a great feeling. I loved ‘Parties For Prostitutes’ too, it was so atmospheric.

Finally, the penultimate song was a track from the debut self-titled Distillers album (which I wasn’t expecting to crop up), ‘The Blackest Years’ (which I will share fan made footage of in the next post). It was a great song to start closing the set with and the crowd loved it.

All in all it was a great show. It was fantastic to see guitarist Tony Bevilacqua on the stage with Brody who has been with her since Coral Fang and the other guys in the band were great. Brody’s chat between songs was so genuine and down to earth, she’s just generally bad ass. She can rock just as hard as any male rock star, if not harder which is why I love her so much. It was everything I expected and more. I just didn’t want it to end!

(*I did not make the gifs above but thank you to the person that did! I also apologise for my terrible writing skills!)

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